Matador Coupe

Info in the Coupe section was extracted form the now defunct website that was run by Craig Bond.

Unfortunately all of the vehicles registered are not accessible at this time and from what I could tell, the site was last updated mid 2000’s

so I decided to try and recover what I could to keep the information available to the diehard fans out there.

AMC Myths & AMC V8 Engines

  Some AMC Myths A lot of myths have been formed about the number four US auto maker. The most persistent is that they used parts from other makers and just made bodies of their own. That isn’t entirely true. AMC did use some parts from other makers, but less than 15% in any given …

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Coupe Registry

Send Coupe Image to go along with your registration to

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Matador Coupe Info

  The Matador Coupe was a radical, all-new departure for AMC, which had relied for years on the same basic line-up of cars. Unfortunately, the expectations of the car in the racing world (4 wins in 2 seasons) and in sales were never completely realized, and the model was dropped after five years. It is …

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